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Privacy Policy



This website, (hereafter ‘Site’) is owned and operated by The Co+Laboration Company (hereafter called ‘Co+Laboration’).  Users will be able to access any information and data on the Site without going through a registration process.  If the users have any enquiry or are interested in participating in any events, they are required to complete an online application form.  Use of the personal information provided by applicants in such application forms is governed by this Privacy Policy.

Co+Laboration takes your privacy rights seriously.  Any personal information provided will be processed by Co+Laboration in accordance with this Privacy Policy, as detailed herein.  This Privacy Policy applies to the use of the Site, its applications, and online and offline services.

Users of the Site should be aware that links can take them to third-party webpages, as well as to manuals, brochures and other forms of information (hereafter called ‘Sources’), the contents of which do not come under the control of Co+Laboration.  This Privacy Policy does not apply to any other third-party websites. Users should refer to the relevant privacy policies of other websites for details.

Any users who do not agree with the way that Co+Laboration handles and processes the personal data described herein, are not recommended to use the Site, its applications or services.  The users who use the Site, its applications or services are deemed to have full understanding of and agreement with the contents of this Privacy Policy.

Data collection and use of personal information

Personal particulars, including, but not limited to, name, gender, personal identity card number and home address, office address, e-mail address, mobile phone number, telephone number, job titles, personal preferences, photo, biography and so on, are collected in request of event details or completion of registration forms to participate in one or more of the events organised.  If the enquiry or application is made on behalf of an organisation, the information provided will also include, but not belimited to, the organisation’s name, business licence, contact details, scope of exhibits or product range, company website, photo, video or even bank details when payment is made. Participant feedback will also be collected upon request for an interview or for completing surveys for research and/or marketing purposes, although there is no obligation for the users to do so.

The data and information collected will be used in the following ways:

  • to carry out our obligations for, but not limited to, contracts, invoices, pre-event, onsite and post-event services, upon receipt of the confirmation or agreement made by the users

  • to provide market information, including, but not limited to, industry trends, track records, survey reports or advertising

  • to announce the event progress through the hereafter said, but not limited to, phone calls, emails, e-newsletters, SMS and social media, unless the users block, spam or stop subscriptions

  • to update users on changes of information or services rendered

  • to administer internal operations, including troubleshooting, data analysis, testing and research

  • as part of our efforts in improving our services to the users.


The personal information may be collected or used without your authorisation and consent under the following circumstances:

  • for fulfilling legal obligations, including litigation, dispute resolution or judicial authority pursuant to applicable laws and regulations in or outside Hong Kong

  • for public health, safety and security under national and international regulations

  • for protecting individual lives, properties and other major lawful rights and interests

  • for industry analysis, research or benchmarking

  • from other lawful and/or public sources, such as market update, reports or information supplied or disclosed by third parties

  • for being part of the terms and conditions of services upon purchasing or acquisition by third parties.


Pursuant to laws, sharing and transferring of anonymised personal particulars that are unidentifiable does not constitute any disclosure of personal information to the public.  Therefore, the aforesaid particulars will be processed without notifying the users and without their consent.

Use of cookies and other similar configurations

Configurations like Cookies, pieces of data placed on computers, are commonly used for facilitating data transmission and enabling website features.  Cookies enables data retrieval, maintaining continuity of computer use and recording site usage and user preferences.


There are circumstances where generalised traffic data, namely record traffic, page visits and visiting time, usually in summary formats on the Site or relevant Sources, will be shared with sponsors or advertisers.  The users are deemed to agree for the use of personal data said afore, unless prohibited when the cookies are set tobe filtered.

Cookies are necessary to make the website features work.  If they are not accepted, the required features may not function properly as they should.

Data protection


To protect users’ personal particulars, the following security protection measures have been taken in line with industry standards to protect personal details from unauthorised access, public disclosure, use, modification, damage or loss:

  • HTTPS protocol secure browsing mode

  • Encryption technology for data protection

  • Access of personal information limited to authorised personnel, unless otherwise agreed by the parties

  • Data retained and stored in a specifically-necessary period

  • Data deletion or anonymisation.


Users are deemed to accept the aforesaid arrangement that will be proceeded accordingly, unless they subsequently withdraw their consent.

No one can admit that the internet is completely secure.  Despite the security measures in place, there is no ‘perfect security solution’ to the safety of the internet world.  The Organiser will strive to ensure the users’ personal data are processed and retained safely and protectedaccording to industry standards.

Users having any query in relation to personal data safety or other matters should make contact with the Organiser in writing.  The users are required to provide full contact details or proof of identity for verification before their requests are processed.  Enquiries by users who fail to verify the personal identities will not be processed.

The Organiser will not be able to respond to requests bringing risks to the legitimate rights and interests of others, including, but not limited to:

  • relating to the fulfilment of legal obligations pursuant to applicable laws and regulations in or outside Hong Kong

  • relating to public health, safety and security under national and international regulations

  • relating to criminal investigation, prosecution, trial and enforcement of judgment

  • having sufficient evidence to prove that the subject of personal information holds malicious intent or the intent to abuse rights 

  • for the purpose of protecting major lawful rights and interests, such as human life and property, of the subject of personal information or other individuals, in the circumstances where it is difficult to obtain prior authorisation and consent of individuals

  • responding to any request which will cause serious violation of legitimate rights and interests of the user, other individuals or organisations, and

  • relating to the survival and operation of Co+Laboration and its relations with third parties.


The Organiser and its cooperation partners will take reasonable and necessary measures to ensure that personal information is processed and stored securely in accordance with this Privacy Policy.  Users have the right to contact the Organiser at any time to refuse transfer and storage of their personal data.  If such refusal rights are not exercised, it is deemed that the users have given permission for the Organiser to transfer and store their personal data.

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