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We have 
nothing to add 
to nature!

Fruit. Nothing else.

That was the case yesterday,

it is still valid today

and will remain so tomorrow.

Fully ripe, hand-picked fruit from the best locations in the world,

that needs no sugar, water or artificial flavours.

There is simply nothing to add to nature.

We at Obsthof Retter have lived 
this conviction with pure passion

and with even more love for over 130 years.


Healthy superfruits - Fabulously good

Highly gifted fruits with natural superpowers


7 Organic Superfruits

100% Pure berry juice


Our superfruits are in the environmentally friendly disposable glass bottles.

After all, they contain the pure intelligence of nature from fully ripe and

carefully selected organic fruits.

Likewise, we have carried out our homework and

designed a special manufacturing process
so that its precious ingredients can also develop

their full "superfruit potential" in the bottle.

Just try it out and enjoy!


Fruits with powers 
7 in one stroke

For enjoyment or detoxification

With our 7 Superfruits,

you can enjoy the pleasures of nature in one go -

during an invigorating juice cure or

as a natural palate tickler for in between.

Healthy fruit, fabulously good.

Feeling good and well

With a fruit therapy by the Retter Superfruits

Studies on regular consumption of the Retter Superfruits:


The precious ingredients of our fruits

with "super powers"

have a positive effect on our body and wellness.


The pomegranate - 
Multi-talent for the well-being

The mythical pomegranate has a certain personality.

It allows the Obsthof Retter to live in around 45 organic varieties,

besides direct juice.

In addition, the cultivation as a lighthouse project opens up new opportunities
for farmers in disadvantaged regions and ensures them with secure income.


Nature Booster Elixirs

Power boosters in pure root form

Roots not only provide support and strength for trees and plants:

they are also natural health anchors for us humans.

They feed body and soul with valuable ingredients and

do good all around.

Our "Organic Elixirs" are 100% organic and vegan.


They are produced without magic, but with all 
the expertise in a specially developed process at our factory.

The attraction, that arises when you enjoy it,

could well be magical:

once you have tried it,

you too will no longer want to do

without its invigorating and refreshing effect.

Wild fruits are a precious rarity.

Enjoyable alternative 
to soft drinks.

Our organic plant extracts of ginger and curcuma

obtained by means of a special pressing technique,

are completely free of sugar or additives.


Mixed with water, soda or mineral water,

they create a spicy and tangy liaison that

brings a touch of exoticism and extravagance to your glass.


Perfect as a non-alcoholic food accompaniment or

for refining sauces or salads.


Founded in 1886. 
Certified organic since 1990.

Start from "Huabn" with a few fruit trees

to a fruit manufactory recognised by international chefs and sommeliers:

a lot has changed over the years.

But one thing has remained the same:

Werner Retter's claim, as an organic farmer,

to preserve the pure taste of nature in the best possible way, and

to create an atmospheric ensemble of the highest quality standards with a sure instinct.

There is actually nothing to add to this for over 130 years.


Obsthof Retter
Natur pur for over 130 years.

With highest quality and attentiveness

Enjoy our direct juices, elixirs or other categories

sip by sip, drop by drop, a piece of nature.

In the best organic quality,

Obsthof Retter made them all for you

with all their experience and love.

Obsthof Retter guarantees

a particularly careful production with

international certificates, IFS, SLK and so on

audited by laboratories to prove its highest quality.

Fructose levels are from 0.8-17% only, subject to fruit nature.  You are welcome to contact us for nutrient details.

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